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You can reach Belgrade by plane, train, bus, car or even boat by Danube river. Largest air companies and few low-cost companies are flying to Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. The national air company is AirSerbia ( but you can fly in by low-cost companies such as and The full list of air companies that are flying directly to and from Belgrade is on this link:Редован-саобраћај AIRPORTS:
Belgrade Airport (Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Serbia) Nearby airports: (Constantin the Great Airport in the city of Niš, Serbia 220km south of Belgrade) (Traian Vuia International Airport in Timișoara, Romania 180km east of Belgrade) (Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest, Hungary 370km north of Belgrade) (Sofia Airport in Sofia, Bulgaria 420km south-east of Belgrade) Traveling by train: (JSC Serbian Railways)


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