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For the purpose of achieving its goals (objectives), the WMO undertakes especially the following activities (as stated in the “Article 3” of the WMO Statute):

  • Collecting and processesing scientific and professional literature and other written, audio, video, and multimedia contents in its basic areas and areas mentioned in WMO goals and creating a documented database on the aforementioned and related issues;
  • Organising festivals, competitions, professional meetings, counseling, lectures, debates, roundtables, presentations, conferences, conventions, seminars etc. in the aforementioned and other related areas;
  • Giving form to educational programs by organising workshops led by local and foreign educators and relevant persons, especially from the fields of culture, art, communication, sports, and media;
  • Producing films, TV, video, radio, and web shows and materials;
  • Publishing books, catalogues, brochures, programs, fliers, and other printed materials;
  • Publishing video, audio, online, and multimedia works;
  • Organising creative art platforms and youth initiatives;
  • Collaborating with other organisations, institutions, and associations nationally and internationally;
  • Collaborating with media outlets nationally and internationally;
  • Collaborating with universities, schools, and professional institutions that work in the education and protection of artists, young people, people with disabilities, etc;
  • Organising educators and other professionals in the education of children and young people in the areas of mime and arts, especially the dramatic and audio-visual arts and non-verbal communication;
  • Providing logistical and operational and advisory assistance to its members;
  • Organising volunteering
  • Organising the functioning of the WMO's Club – cafeteria, selling drinks, usually at low prices to certain groups of people with professional relations (members, artists, representatives of other artistic association or media) and organizing cocktail events in relation to implementing the WMO’s projects or events;
  • Addressing all other activities that serve to achieving the objectives defined by the Statute, in accordance with the law and this Statute.



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