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Dear applicants,

FIST World Mime Students Festival as part of the Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) is looking forward to invitingyour University/Facultyto apply for participation atthis years festival. This is the first time that FIST officially contains a specific and separate mime program organized in partnership with the World Mime Organisation celebrating the World Mime Day on 22nd of March. In this letter you will find details about this year’s Festival and how to apply for participation. If you have any questions after reading this document, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards from Belgrade,

World Mime Organisation&FIST 13 Team

 * What is FIST?

The Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) is a youth festival entirely organized by students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, of the Department of Management and Production of Theatre, Radio, and Culture.

FIST World Mime Students Festival is a part of FIST festival co-organised by the World Mime Organisation in celebration of the World Mime Day on the 22nd of March. Unlike FIST festival, FIST World Mime Students Festival is a SOLO performance festival.

FIST is an international platform for theatre enthusiasts. Our mission is to create an environment for cooperation between Serbian and other international art students. We plan to achieve this by inviting students and professors from international art academies to participate in our program. Our Festival offers an attractive diversity of student theatre practices from around the world. Our participants and guests will have an opportunity to take part in other festival activities and programs, as well as in the First World Mime Conference that will take place from March 21st to 23rd in Belgrade.

This year FIST 13 will be held from 17th to 23rdof March 2018 and the FIST World Mime Students Festival on the 22nd of March. The Festival will take place at various locations in Belgrade, Serbia, that will be announced in the program.

* What is our concept for this year?

The main topic of FIST 13 is “Activity of the Youth”.

We want to underline the influence and achievements of the youth in the time in which we live and in which, as drama artists, we create. Opposite of passivity, which is often associated with youth when it comes to issues of participation and interest in public actions, contribution to society and the progress of the entire community.

This Festival aims to show, to the great number of audiences, that the youth has excellent skills and knowledge, which in this case are in the field of dramatic art, and that they actively work on them and use them as an instrument to contribute to the community.

In addition to theatrical performances, the audience will have the opportunity to follow a variety of accompanying programs and educational workshops, which will also deal with the theme of youth activity.

In our opinion, one is not considered active only if he or she changes the world, affects the whole society and ends up in history books, active is the one that does what he or she ispassionate about to the extent of ones possibilities.

FIST World Mime Students Festival encourages the “Activity of the Youth” as the main inspiration, but will accept mime performances based on any other topic.


* A SOLO mime-play(one actor performing) has to have been made through an educational process at a faculty/universityat the department of mime or acting or dance or drama or theatre or circus or performing arts, written/directed/choreographed and performed by students.

* Each faculty/university can compete with one play.

* The institution organizing the Festival, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, is allowed to compete with a mime performance even though it is not allowed to participate at the FIST festival in general.

* Duration of the play has to be between 15 and 45 minutes.

* The festival will cover the following costs for only one student (the performer): 4 nights in a hostel, food on the day of performance, registration fee for the World Mime Conference. All the transportation costs, visa (if necessary), insurance and all other costs should be covered by the participants.

* If other artists and technicians should come they need to cover all the costs arising from their journey and stay. Festival can offer them official lodging and catering at special prices.

* The student-performer could be accompanied by professor(s). Professors are invited to make a presentation of their University/Faculty/Department at the World Mime Conference or give lectures/workshops in arrangement with the WMConference team.

* All of the Professors costs will NOT be covered by the Festival except the.

* The student-performer is responsible for the discipline and for any damage, accidental or deliberate, caused by him/her or any of the accompanying crew and will cover its repair costs.

* The festival will provide a representative to meet the student-performer at the arrival (airport, train or bus station).

* Official languages of the Festival are Serbian and English.

* The students mime-plays in the main program are judged by the jury for the WMO Students Grand Prix.

* All the participants will receive Certificates of Participation

* How to apply?

The application should contain:

* Filled out application form

* A link to Vimeo or YouTube page where the entire performance can be seen. We also accept any form of online transfer (e.g.WeTransfer) for the entire performance.

Applications, as well as all possible questions regarding the application, should be sent to the e-mail addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

The submission period of applications is until March 1st, 2018. The final decision will be made on the 5th of March at the latest and all the participants will be informed by e-mail.



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